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Corporate Workshops & Courses

Training courses can be developed according to your company’s individual focus and need.

Some examples of courses include:

Trauma awareness for Managers – how to identify and understand employees dealing with trauma or long term stress and techniques for managing those with the effects of trauma and long term stress.

Trauma Awareness for Trainers/ Coaches – how to identify if you may be working with traumatised clients, understanding how this affects their ability to learn new skills and react to coaching, develop awareness of how to manage your approach to ensure effectiveness while mitigating the potential to further traumatise or trigger the client.

Effective Mindfulness for Managers – how to use mindfulness techniques to bring teams together and maximise working together for the same goals, using mindfulness to manage stress and increase focus.

Mindfulness in Schools – training teachers to use simple mindfulness techniques in the classroom to increase focus ability of students and teach students to better manage their emotions and mood.

Stress Awareness – how to identify problematic stress, how does long term stress affect a persons ability to do their job and how to manage someone with long term stress.

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