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Psychodynamic and Ego State Hypnotherapy

Psychodynamic Therapy can help us to come to terms with what has happened to us in the past, our life experiences or trauma. It also looks at where our unhelpful thought and behaviour patterns may have come from. Deep understanding can lead to releasing the unconscious need to keep replaying the same patterns. It can also empower us to be confident in feeling and acting in more helpful ways.


Ego State Therapy identifies the parts of us that are causing the problems we are experiencing in the now. For example, when we don’t get what we want when we want it, there may be a part of us that feels angry or deeply hopeless, but another part of us may understand logically why it just isn’t possible for that to happen right now. The tension between these parts can cause deep anxiety or stress, or we may find ourselves acting out in a way that we wish we hadn’t. Ego State therapy works with these parts of our self to achieve a more harmonious balance, and to release the emotional tension of parts that are acting out in the now.

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