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Trauma Informed Reiki

Many scientific studies have shown Reiki’s effect in reducing pain, calming the body’s systems and positively affecting the body’s own healing response.

For many people suffering with long term stress, anxiety, PTSD or Complex PTSD, the fight or flight response can become stuck in the “on” position, or has become over sensitive and too easily turned on.

Trauma informed reiki concentrates on activating the opposite “rest and digest” response, showing the body and brain what it feels like to be calm.

In the fight or flight response the body and the brain shut down certain systems. For example, it is very hard to access the logical thinking part of the brain, or the part that can see things from different viewpoints and weigh up the pros and cons of different responses to a situation. This is why trying to change a thinking pattern while being in fight or flight is near on impossible.

The processing of emotions is also very difficult in this state, meaning purely talking therapy may have limited benefit. When the brain and body is in a calmer state, then releasing unhelpful thinking patterns and processing trauma or stuck emotions is much more productive.

Reiki is a somatic technique that can be focused to release energy blockages caused by trauma or stuck emotion.

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